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Date Title
16th August 2018 It’s not just an opinion, it’s scar tissue
16th July 2018 Some thoughts on DevOps
3rd May 2018 To throw or not to throw? Non-exceptional error conditions
8th February 2018 To throw or not to throw? Doing something that has already been done
19th January 2018 Positive, negative, or error?
7th December 2017 Error handling is the one thing that puts me off learning Go
29th February 2016 Fuzzy dates aren’t as good an idea as you think
23rd October 2014 Why you should use a general purpose scripting language for your build scripts
2nd October 2014 Why feature switches?
10th July 2014 On dark matter developers and the role of GitHub in hiring
3rd October 2011 The two types of programmer
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15th September 2011 Passion and pet projects
13th December 2010 Programmer jargon: Blub
6th December 2010 The benefits of the command line
18th November 2010 Programmer jargon: Cargo Cult
15th November 2010 Why tabs versus spaces matters
17th September 2010 Diaspora
4th September 2010 Send patchbombs to the mailing list, not pull requests to the project lead
8th March 2010 Command line instructions are not a good marketing strategy
4th February 2010 Catching Exception is almost never justified and almost always harmful
28th October 2009 A day of Stack Overflow
14th April 2009 Beware of second hand contracts
6th April 2009 When technical debt becomes technical bankruptcy
25th November 2008 Del Boy versus Turing
17th October 2008 In defence of 24 hours
1st September 2008 Commenting your code for speed reading
10th August 2008 A first look at stackoverflow.com
14th July 2008 Refactoring Databases
25th June 2008 Less is more
14th December 2007 How to list the sizes of the tables in a SQL Server database
22nd October 2007 How long does it take to unsubscribe from an e-newsletter?
18th July 2007 Ask the whole community, not just one of its members
2nd July 2007 Developers versus PR
11th August 2006 Online documentation pains
25th November 2005 Which programming language is the most popular?