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About me

Er, hi there.

I guess you’re here because you would like to know a bit about me, so here goes.

My name, as you’ve probably figured out, is James McKay, and I work as a software developer for the Houses of Parliament, currently on the data.parliament.uk team, where we produce data feeds of…just about everything that goes on there.

I work with a variety of technologies including ASP.NET MVC, Python, PHP, RDF and SPARQL.

Previously I was the webmaster for Kingdom Faith Church, a lively Charismatic church in Horsham, West Sussex, of which I am a member, and Senior Developer at a small Horsham-based Internet and New Media agency called EurekaStep Ltd.

I am a graduate of Selwyn College, Cambridge, where I read Natural Sciences (Physics).

Contrary to popular belief, I was not born in Scotland. I spent the first eleven and a half years of my life in Hull, which is about a hundred and fifty miles south of the border. When I was a child my friends all told me I was Scottish, but up in Scotland all my relatives told me that being born in England made me a “Sassenach,” in other words, irredeemably English. For some reason that I never quite understood, they seemed to change their tune about that after I got into Cambridge though…

In addition to computer programming, I enjoy doing various other things including photography, playing the piano, researching better ways to bake flapjacks, and entertaining my nephews and niece. My favourite food is Sara Lee double chocolate gateau and my pet hate is mince.

You can also find me on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Stack Overflow, Hacker News, and the ASP.NET forums.