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Selling domain names

A couple of years ago, I registered two new Internet domain names, jammycakes.com and jammycakes.net. It’s an anagram of my name, and a handle that I use on various developer forums and places like Wikipedia, so I thought I might as well go for it since they were available at the time.

In the end of the day, I never used them, and they’ve just sat around doing nothing, so I’ve decided to sell them. They could be of some value if you are in the food industry and are selling, um, jammy cakes.

It will be interesting to see how much they fetch. They are pretty SEO friendly for the purpose, so they could be worth a bit, but as they are pretty much unused, they don’t get all that much traffic, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and before you ask: (a) I am not getting into the domain name squatting business — these are the only two that I have to spare, and (b) jamesmckay.net is most definitely not for sale!