I'm mobile again!

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Posted at 08:46 on 07 June 2005

Praise the Lord! We now have a car again. Thanks to my uncle Alex for his generosity, and thanks to everyone who has given us lifts over the past few months. It's a green Peugeot 406, and much to my delight it is manual transmission. I've been driving automatics for years and was thoroughly sick of them.

I also bought a couple of domain names yesterday -- completely on impulse -- jammycakes.com and jammycakes.net, which, much to my surprise and delight, were both up for grabs. Not quite sure yet what I'll do with them though. On the one hand they could be worth a bit of dosh (any offers?), but on the other hand I use jammycakes in various places as a kind of Internet alias, so I may just hang onto them. Why jammycakes, I hear you ask? Simple. It's an anagram of my name :)