You have to tell AWS CLI that your EC2 instance is not in Virginia

This post is more than 6 years old.

Posted at 08:00 on 28 November 2017

Here's a little gotcha with AWS that I keep running into time and time again. By default, the aws command line interface, and AWS API libraries such as boto3, will always use the us-east-1 (Virginia) region by default, even when running on EC2 instances in other regions.

This is not what you expect, and it is almost never what you want.

There is an issue on the awscli GitHub issue tracker to fix this, but it is still open four years after first being raised, with no indication when (or even whether) it will ever be addressed.

User @BradErz suggests including these lines in your user_data to set the default region:

region=$(curl|grep region|awk -F\" '{print $4}')
echo "[default]" > /root/.aws/config
echo "region = ${region}" >> /root/.aws/config

Note however that this will only set the default region for the root user; you will need to configure aws-cli separately for any other logins on your instance.

Annoying as this behaviour is, I would be surprised to see it fixed any time soon, as it would be a breaking change.