Buying train tickets

This post is more than 12 years old.

Posted at 07:00 on 08 August 2011

Here's something I'd like to see. The ability to purchase train tickets -- especially season tickets -- at a supermarket along with my weekly shopping.

Queuing at a station counter or a ticket machine is something I only normally have to do once a month or so but all the same, it’s still a complete faff at quarter past seven in the morning, especially if, like me, you’re not a morning person. Getting to the station that extra bit earlier and ending up in a queue of twenty other commuters at that time of the morning when your train is due in five minutes is just a little bit stressful.

On the other hand, I pay a regular visit to Tesco or Sainsbury’s at least once a week. When I do, I have much more leeway with my time. It’s later in the day so I’m not bleary eyed and newly out of bed. Having to stand in a queue for ten or fifteen minutes doesn’t faze me nearly so much. It would be a much more seamless fit into your average commuter's weekly routine.