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Twitter through the eyes of a nine year old

My nephew Aaron (age 9¾) recently started experimenting with Twitter, as I discovered about a week ago when he started following me. He was not the youngest person on Twitter (that honour surely goes to @rockhardawesome son of @codinghorror son of @spolsky) but his experiment seems to have been fairly short lived. His parents decided to enforce Twitter’s terms and conditions (which require you to be thirteen or over to use the service) after a couple of spammers started following him, but his last three tweets seem to suggest that he won’t be missing it:

why do you talk about boring stuff people ?????? talk of soming not boring please

Hmmm, there are certain people on Twitter that I could name who really, really need to read that…


  • # Reply from Aaron mckay at 15:08 on 7 Nov 2009

    😯 😕
    people on twitter wouldent stop talking trash and boring stuff like: e.g.
    today my son went surfing:

  • # Reply from Aaron mckay at 15:09 on 7 Nov 2009

    im cool with you showing tht

  • # Reply from Aaron mckay at 15:14 on 7 Nov 2009

    ano billie jean lyrics:
    she was more like a beauty queen, from a movie sceen
    i said “dont mind but a what do you meen i am the one”
    who will dance on the floor in the round
    she said i am the one who will dance on the floor in the round
    she told me her name was billie jean, and she caused a sceen
    thats all i can write at mo

  • # Reply from Aaron mckay at 15:15 on 7 Nov 2009

    what was my blog account on thingy uncle james

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