The future of my blog

This post is more than 16 years old.

Posted at 13:00 on 04 October 2007

I’ve been thinking a bit more about my blog and what to do with it.

Content wise, it seems to have pretty much settled down into a topical blog, concentrating largely on software development and the surrounding culture. I sometimes wonder if it’s become a bit too impersonal lately though — perhaps some more non-work-related posts are in order.

I’d like to get a regular rhythm up and running too. Scott Hanselman wrote recently about your blog’s "heartbeat" — how often you post in particular. Mine has been somewhat variable in the past, between one and nine posts a month, though I like to try and post at least once a week if I can. This month I’ve decided to try something new, so I’ve written a bunch of posts ahead of time and set them to go live automatically every Monday and Thursday. Anything on top of that is a bonus. Perhaps I should have done that at the start of September, when first I was off on holiday in Scotland and then when we came back we had a church media fast. Some people write twenty or more blog entries a month — personally it beats me how on earth they find the time to do so, and contribute to various open source projects, and get any work done, and have any kind of a social life to speak of.

As far as technology is concerned, I’ve decided to stick with WordPress for the foreseeable future. Architecturally it may be completely wonky, and you may need to keep a constant eye out for security updates, but in terms of features it is the best blogging software available and pretty much a de facto standard, and there is little reason to switch to anything else.