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My million dollar iPhone question

Can any of the masses of early adopters who succumbed to all the hype about the iPhone please tell me whether or not it acquires a life of its own the moment you put it in your pocket?

My present mobile phone (an Orange SPV C600) does exactly that. It has a very nasty habit of taking photos of nothing, filling my address book with mysterious characters called “dddddddd111111111”, and dialling all sorts of random numbers completely at random, including the emergency services, and it is getting extremely annoying. And yeah, I do lock the keypad before I pocket it, but it still misbehaves.

Those phones that flip open like the communicators from the original series of Star Trek are great in this respect. Because they flip closed over the keyboard, you don’t get your keys rubbing up against them and setting them off all over the place.

It is a fundamental and absolute necessity that my next mobile phone behaves perfectly in my pocket rather than like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum. The iPhone may be the coolest, hippest, trendiest gadget on the face of the planet, but unless I can have a rock solid guarantee that it meets this one essential criterion, I don’t want to know.

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  • # Reply from Sam McGeown at 12:04 on 13 Jul 2007

    James, James, James, you need to get one of those quintessential geek accessories, the belt phone case. Not only is it the height of functionality, but you can then be the admiration of all your geek friends!

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