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Comment Timeout 1.3 beta 1

The latest version of Comment Timeout is now available for immediate download. This fixes several bugs:

1. The plugin no longer raises a warning when installed on a server where allow_call_time_pass_reference is turned off in your php.ini file.

2. It is now possible to disallow hyperlinks in comments entirely, by setting the maximum number of hyperlinks to zero.

3. Hyperlinks that contain line breaks are now counted correctly.

One important note: If you are upgrading from an earlier version, and had set it to allow unlimited hyperlinks in your comments, it will now reject all comments containing any hyperlinks at all. To fix this, go to the options page and uncheck the box that says “Reject all comments containing more than 0 hyperlinks” — or alternatively, you can change the zero to some larger number of your choice.


  • # Reply from blau at 20:05 on 7 Mar 2007

    Nice update, thank you for the fast feedback!

  • # Reply from Fabric at 20:20 on 12 Mar 2007

    Thanks for update. Now no links in comments 🙂

  • # Reply from Nathan Shumate at 03:49 on 6 Apr 2007

    James, thanks for this plugin, but I’m still getting an error that I got with the last version too:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/[path path path]/wp-content/plugins/CommentTimeout.php on line 385

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/[path path path]/wp-content/plugins/CommentTimeout.php on line 394

    Anyone else reporting such problems?

  • # Reply from James at 08:51 on 6 Apr 2007

    Which version of WordPress are you using? My other reports of this error come from people who are trying to use it with WP 1.5, which isn’t supported.

  • # Reply from Nathan Shumate at 02:43 on 7 Apr 2007

    Currently at 2.0.2.

  • # Reply from Peter at 09:27 on 7 Apr 2007

    Many thanks for this – I have been looking for something similar for a while! Could an option to update the database (ornot) be included in some future release to make closure of posts for comment permanent? There might need to be an option to globally undo that of course!

  • # Reply from Daniel Goldman at 17:07 on 12 Apr 2007

    I just started using this plugin a few days ago. Everything worked fine, until today. All of today’s posts have the comments disabled incorrectly. The problem seems to be with this plugin, since when I disable the plugin, the comments are enabled again. Any ideas?

  • # Reply from Eric Bonus at 21:04 on 12 Apr 2007

    Wonderful plugin, I’m just migrating to wordpress on a test system, and noticed an error (of omission) in function comment_form_bits($postID). In the 2nd part of it, the IPAddressCheck section, the closing bracket is missing, right after the $this->hash($_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]);. This was wreaking havoc with my layout, because it wasn’t closing the input tag, thus messing everything else up. Hope this helps, and keep up the good work!

  • # Reply from SuMu at 07:39 on 17 Apr 2007

    thanks, I will test the new beta

  • # Reply from pelf at 08:16 on 17 Apr 2007

    I’m also having the same problem with Nathan *points up* I’m currently using WP 2.0.2. And BTW, the ZIP file I downloaded is labeled v1.3 beta, but the file (after extraction) is labeled alpha 🙁

  • # Reply from James at 09:10 on 17 Apr 2007

    I’ll get these two issues fixed in the next release of the plugin. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to give it much attention recently because of a fairly heavy workload combined with a bout of flu. Sorry too about the confusion with the version number — the file name is correct.

  • # Reply from pelf at 09:21 on 17 Apr 2007

    Yea sure, and do inform us when the next release takes place 🙂

    And, why doesn’t my gravatar appear? Hmm..

  • # Reply from blork at 21:30 on 17 Apr 2007

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the plugin. I have more than 1400 posts, so it was generating tons of spam. I used your plugin to cut off comments after 120 days. Almost immediately, it cut my comment spam from 100-600 a day to about five or six. Wow!

  • # Reply from James at 23:11 on 18 Apr 2007

    Nathan/pelf: can you try version 1.3 beta 2 and let me know how you get on with it?

  • # Reply from pelf at 03:50 on 19 Apr 2007

    I downloaded and activated it and then logged out. But when I checked out my earlier posts (those published last year), I could still leave a comment. Did I miss anything here?

  • # Reply from Nathan Shumate at 03:43 on 27 Apr 2007

    Looks like it works fine for me now, James. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • # Reply from pelf at 07:28 on 27 Apr 2007

    Err.. Why isn’t it working on my blog? I set it to close comment after 60 days, then signed out. But I could still leave a comment on a post I published in December 2006 (definitely more than 60d).

    Perhaps this plugin clashes with some of the others I have installed, I’m not surprised.. LOL.

  • # Reply from James at 07:40 on 27 Apr 2007

    That could possibly be the case. You can find out by disabling all the other plugins on your blog and switching to the default theme. If that fixes the problem, switch your theme back and re-enable the other plugins one at a time until the problem reasserts itself. That should tell you where the conflict is.

  • # Reply from pelf at 11:31 on 27 Apr 2007

    OK, James, thanks for the suggestion (otherwise I wouldn’t haven known how best to do it)! =)

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