Dave 2.0

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Posted at 14:17 on 16 February 2007

We had the first meet-up of our new local geek-out group here at the EurekaStep offices last night. We meet together from time to time to socialise, chat about all things Web 2.0 and swap ideas. Dan White gave us a talk and presentation on rich internet applications. Some of the things that he showed us that people do with Ajax these days are truly jaw-dropping. There are a lot of frameworks out there that make it fairly easy too, such as script.aculo.us, jQuery, and so on.

For better or worse, the group has been christened “Dave 2.0″. (One person suggested that could stand for “Developers Are Very Expensive”.) I will be giving a short five minute presentation on Ruby on Rails at our next meet-up, which is in six weeks’ time. Better get my skates on — I only started learning it a week ago…