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Comment Timeout 1.0 release candidate 2

I’ve released an update to Comment Timeout this weekend to fix a couple of critical bugs. (Did I say it was still in beta?) It was not working on PHP 4, though it was fine on PHP 5, and it was not closing comments correctly if you turned off the option to keep ongoing discussions open. Both these bugs have now been fixed.

Thanks to Heather (http://www.ohmystinkinheck.com/) for the heads-up and feedback. The latest version is release candidate 2 (because the second bug only came to light a few hours after I released a fix for the first one as release candidate 1).

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  • # Reply from OMSH at 00:45 on 28 Jan 2007

    I’m singing my praises. Thank you for being so active to make this plugin work for me – even though my server is running an older PHP version.

    I’m very excited to be able to use this to battle some of my comment spam.

    Love it!

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