Apparently the in word is "blog"...

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Posted at 18:33 on 30 July 2006

A new feature of Faith Camp this year is a daily video report from around the showground, which is shown on the screens at some point in the main meeting every evening. Pastor Colin introduced them last night, saying "Apparently, the in word is 'blog'. So here is our first video blog."

It's a great idea, though perhaps a slight misunderstanding of the word "blog" -- which actually means an online diary that allows readers to post comments. A bit like my own website, for example. Purists such as Robert Scoble would add the requirement for RSS feeds, trackbacks and pinging blog search engines such as Technorati, though in practice, not all blogs do this. Then again, I guess we could stretch the definition a bit just for Faith Camp. There aren't likely to be that many people going online on the East of England Showground during the week, after all.

Update: They've put the videos online. Lovely. I think that qualifies as a blog now.