All change

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Posted at 18:08 on 22 December 2005

Today marks the end of an era for me, as it was my last day on the full time staff at Kingdom Faith.

I have been on the KF team for just over ten years now so this has been a fairly major step for me. They are a great bunch of people to work with and they've given me masses of support, particularly in the past four years or so since Dad died, while I've been trying to work through a whole lot of different things in my life. They really know how to love one another and have a good bit of fun in the process.

I will be starting work full time at EurekaStep Ltd at the beginning of January. I have been doing some freelance work for them over the past few months so it's something I've really been eased into in many ways. More web and intranet development mainly, but it's certainly going to be an interesting change and probably fairly intellectually demanding as well. A lot has been said in church recently about the Parable of the Talents, which is interesting as it is the scripture that spurred me on more than any other to take my first Microsoft certification exam a year and a half ago, and to develop and use my talents in that direction as fully as I can.

So where will it all end up? Watch this space...