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Which programming language is the most popular?

Tiobe Software conducts a monthly survey on the relative popularity of all the different programming languages, based on searches through Google, MSN and Yahoo! on courses, third party vendors and skilled engineers.

At the moment, Java is the most popular, followed by (in descending order) C, C++, PHP, Visual Basic, Perl, C#, Python and JavaScript. It’s interesting to see which way the different languages are moving, with PHP (which is particularly popular with beginners in web development) aiming for number three.

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  • # Reply from jackie at 10:46 on 7 Aug 2009


    Found your site as I’m having trouble with my business website…… they say my original website is not in a program language they use and want to charge ‘Full Price’ for a new site

    My Questions are:-

    1) If I have to change IT support is it better to have a completely new website, but still in the same ‘site name’

    2) I need to keep overheads low, how do I find out what ‘program language’ my site is in so we can find an Website designer who can take on the ‘copy’ of the website.

    Any help much appreciate as its all soo complicated.

    Thank you


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