Faith Camp so far...

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Posted at 22:09 on 03 August 2005

It's now the Wednesday of Faith Camp and I've spent a fair proportion of it in the media portacabins at the back of the main hall, pecking away at the website and making sure that the live streaming is working. If you've never been to Faith Camp before, I recommend that you come next year--or at the very least tune in to the meetings, which are all being streamed live (and, praise the Lord, the streaming is all working to plan this year!) Being the webmaster is an interesting change from Go! Generation, though it is just a little bit of a shame that it means they can't savour the delights of my Del Boy rendition of what they call the "Jimmy Song".

We're also trialling podcasting at the camp this year, as of this morning. If you've never come across podcasting before, it's basically radio reinvented for the web. (Think iPod + broadcasting). You simply get the web address of the podcast and stick it into a podcast program. Apple iTunes is a good one, though you will need to have the latest version (4.9) if you want to subscribe to any podcasts. You can then download the programmes onto your iPod and listen to them at the gym, in the car, or while you're doing the housework. And it gets even better -- it will automatically download new programmes when your computer isn't doing anything else. A broadband connection is, of course, recommended for this purpose. Alternatively, you can take a look at the entry about it on Wikipedia.

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