All change at my blog

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Posted at 21:52 on 13 June 2005

It's all change round here. I've finally taken the plunge and installed some new blogging software on the server. This should give me more control over my blog, and of course it means I can get rid of the Blogger bar at the top, which I do not particularly like. I particularly dislike the "next blog" button. It takes you to someone else's blog completely at random, and since some of these are rather dubious to say the least, it's not the kind of thing I want to have on my web pages. Please bear with me while I import my old Blogger entries this evening. (Update: all done! Unfortunately I haven't managed to import the comments - sorry about that...)

I'm also planning to start up a second blog at some stage, when I get a bit of spare time. I say "when I get a bit of spare time" because it will be much more technical in nature -- computer programming, web development, science, technology, maths, that kind of thing -- and is likely to be over the top of the heads of some of my friends and family, for whom this blog is particularly intended. As such, the entries are likely to require more careful preparation, so it will be more time consuming, and not so much a case of a quick five minute entry in my lunch break.

One other thing. All comments on this blog will be moderated, so don't be too upset if yours doesn't show up immediately. I won't reject them unduly, though the rule of thumb here is that I'm not letting anything past that I wouldn't want my youngest relatives to read.