Car update 1 @ 7 days

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Posted at 13:04 on 13 June 2005

Well I've just filled the car up with petrol again, and here are the figures after six days of motoring. I put in 19.8 litres of petrol at £17.02 after having driven 122.1 miles, most of it town driving. That works out at about 28 miles to the gallon, or more than 1½ times better than the old car, which was only managing a measly 17. Talking of which, it's a long shot, but does anyone want a 1993 Renault Safrane 2.0 Automatic with no MOT, no tax, and a dying gearbox? (Sits back and waits for someone to post a comment saying, "What's a Renault Safrane?")