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because there are few things that are less logical than business logic


Python is currently the programming language that I use the most, both at work and on personal side projects. I have used it on and off since 2005; mainly on hobby projects at first, and more recently extensively at work since 2014.

GitHub projects of interest

The following projects are being actively developed:

  • Lambda Tools — a toolkit to build, test and deploy Python code to AWS Lambda.
  • FactoryFactory — a simple Python service locator.


Date Title
16th November 2017 Introducing Lambda Tools: a new framework for deployment to AWS Lambda
24th October 2017 Programmatically starting an AWS instance with an encrypted EBS volume attached
19th January 2017 SQL injection is the FizzBuzz of web security
26th July 2016 Password hashing as a microservice with Docker Compose
15th May 2009 Inital SQL files breaking in Django syncdb
30th March 2009 Django custom manage.py commands not committing transactions?
27th December 2008 Django: ValueError: too many values to unpack
30th June 2008 Trying out Python and Django