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Date Title
12th November 2019 The vagaries of humans and other living beings
16th November 2011 We are the (Face)Borg. Resistance is futile.
16th February 2011 Google is not your doctor
12th November 2010 My driving instructor would shout at me
17th September 2010 Diaspora
4th June 2010 Is Facebook really as essential as it’s made out to be?
27th May 2010 You have till Monday to talk me out of quitting Facebook
29th August 2009 Twitter through the eyes of a nine year old
21st November 2008 What to drink when you don't drink
4th February 2008 Seventy-one
11th January 2008 On Colemak
17th December 2007 Mrs Immery
1st December 2007 Britain's best motorway service station
9th October 2007 Farewell to the Kinesis
1st October 2007 Church 2.0
11th September 2007 On leaving Wikipedia
27th August 2007 You take the high road and I'll take the slow road
23rd August 2007 Six weeks of Dvorak
30th July 2007 Blogging from the sheep shed — or maybe not
16th July 2007 Facebook – the Swiss army knife of social networking
9th July 2007 My million dollar iPhone question
3rd July 2007 Blogging offline
20th June 2007 Typing perfection?
8th June 2007 Another crack at Dvorak
15th May 2007 I am not as good at Trivial Pursuit as you think
31st January 2007 Hot drinks
28th January 2007 An evening in London at MiniBar
25th December 2006 Happy Christmelicious everybody!
5th August 2006 Dvorak update
3rd August 2006 Roughing it – or not
30th July 2006 Apparently the in word is "blog"…
21st June 2006 Kinesis report at three months: Broken!
16th June 2006 Ready (or not?) meals
5th June 2006 Video blogs at Kingdom Faith
3rd June 2006 Footy fever
16th March 2006 Geeky but nice — my new keyboard
10th March 2006 So long qwerty, hello Dvorak
19th September 2005 Ergonomic keyboards
3rd August 2005 Faith Camp so far…
27th July 2005 God is our refuge and strength
13th June 2005 Car update 1 @ 7 days
7th June 2005 I’m mobile again!
20th May 2005 Gmail
18th May 2005 Mum on the radio and other matters
15th May 2005 Look out for…
12th May 2005 Hello world