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Date Title
28th September 2023 “Seven plus nine is not six”
13th December 2019 How not to stop Brexit
29th October 2018 Which .NET IOC containers pass Microsoft’s tests?
27th November 2015 “I’ve never had a problem with it.”
30th October 2014 “That’s just your opinion” means “I’m not listening”
11th June 2010 The meaning of football
2nd February 2010 Are deletionists harming Wikipedia?
5th June 2009 Keyboard switching in IE8 is insane
18th January 2009 Commercial flights are twenty-five times safer than private jets
5th December 2008 Do antivirus scans really need to brick your computer?
27th September 2008 Why Stack Overflow’s reputation system is broken
6th August 2008 Don't stuff beans up your nose
9th July 2008 What are valid reasons for hating a programming language?
4th June 2008 The Church needs Creative Commons
12th April 2008 Trying out speech recognition in Windows Vista
3rd March 2008 Derailed
17th December 2007 Making the "zoom" slider on the Microsoft Natural 4000 keyboard do something useful
26th November 2007 Is it time to kill off wikitext?
12th November 2007 Procedural programming != functional programming
9th November 2007 Sorry, but who are you?
8th November 2007 Can we live without Wikipedia?
17th October 2007 Make way for your MP
12th October 2007 Is your rudeness necessary?
11th October 2007 On ties
4th October 2007 Is there a future for Rails?
The future of my blog
20th September 2007 Where has all the disk space gone?
13th August 2007 Selling domain names
8th August 2007 Yes, but what is the point of it?
23rd July 2007 Does the keyboard have a future?
30th June 2007 Another day, another OS reinstallation
29th June 2007 Case sensitivity is evil, but we still have to live with it
21st May 2007 .NET by day, Rails by night
28th April 2007 How to report issues with WordPress plugins
22nd March 2007 Whither blog?
15th March 2007 April MiniBar with Mark Shuttleworth
16th February 2007 Dave 2.0
12th February 2007 Learning Rails
10th February 2007 On the rails
8th February 2007 Yes, it’s been snowing
7th February 2007 Bitten by PHP 4’s pass by value semantics
25th January 2007 Improving Akismet
9th December 2006 Firefox usage by country: the browser wars are back
26th November 2006 Pastors: get blogging!
22nd November 2006 WordPress not notable?!!?
28th October 2006 Verrückte Idee vom Tage: die Deutschkentnisse mit Wikipedie verbessern
20th October 2006 The squawl^H^H^H^H^H^Hskirl of the pipes…
25th September 2006 The ultimate designer cat
15th August 2006 Windows Live Writer
28th July 2006 Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day
12th July 2006 Ban Comic Sans
18th May 2006 Errors in Wikipedia Considered Harmful
20th April 2006 Eolas v Microsoft and FlashObject (continued)
29th March 2006 Will Ruby on Rails kill .net and Java?
26th January 2006 MSN Spaces not working in Firefox?
22nd January 2006 Root canal torture again
1st November 2005 The ongoing saga of my teeth
10th October 2005 Chain letters and hoax e-mails
3rd October 2005 RSS? Why bother?
14th September 2005 Armchair physics!
9th August 2005 Quote of the day…
6th July 2005 It’s London!
28th June 2005 Impenetrable Packaging of the Year Award
19th June 2005 Beeping Watch!