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The First Rule of Blogging: do not discuss blogging on your blog…


Date Title
27th November 2017 Design refresh
28th January 2013 Reboot
3rd October 2011 The two types of programmer
7th February 2009 The case of the disappearing feeds
1st January 2009 What did James McKay discover?
10th September 2008 The leaf!
5th May 2008 Code syntax highlighting in WordPress – take two
19th April 2008 Code syntax highlighting in WordPress
3rd July 2007 Blogging offline
5th June 2007 Bad Behavior does not like Windows Live Writer
26th April 2007 The future of Comment Timeout
4th February 2007 Stopping the spam flood
4th January 2007 Replacing a spleen with something else
13th June 2005 All change at my blog
12th May 2005 Hello world